About the Artist

Lidija Ristic works with used materials borrowing the language of formal display and presentation to investigate ideals of femininity and perceptions of value. With her work she takes on these social constructs by using familiar and often loaded materials like sugar, the color pink, fur and hair extensions. She at the same time entertains and critiques notions we have come to accept.


Lidija studied at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, in both the painting and sculpture departments. Formal training in color theory and figure studies still informs her work in both forms. After receiving her BFA in sculpture in 2010, Lidija made her new home in the Bay Area and since has co-founded 24k Studios in the Mission- where she has coordinated shows and currently makes her own work. More recently she co-founded the mobile gallery, 24k Studios Presents, the art-truck satellite of the Mission art space. Through this gallery-on-wheels she has continued to co-curated and organize many events around the city of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Her work has been displayed in various galleries and venues around the Bay Area including most recently at Artist Television Access and Galeria de la Raza



Check out her work with 24k Studios Presents !

Serbian born - Massachusetts bred - San Francisco Based