Lidija Ristić is a Serbian-American interdisciplinary artist based in Europe. The essence of her practice is the making of hybrids and amalgamations. This manifests through the combined use of found objects, readily available materials and the seamless blending of digital processes, traditional crafts and a wide range of fine art techniques. The results of this approach come in the form of sculpture, digital collage, installation, video work, audience lead participation and performance.

Ristić received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston in sculpture with a minor in painting and an MFA in Studio Art from New York University. She was one of the founders of the collective art workspace, 24k Studios, the mobile gallery, 24k Studios Presents, and was the creative director for the charity food pop-up, Hungry Babes, in San Francisco, where she was based until 2018. In addition, she has worked in museum preparations, as a lighting technician and as an undergraduate college instructor. All of these influences are present in her practice. She has been invited to be an artist in residence at institutions like, Pilotenkueche International Art Program in Germany and she is a member of the artist-run, independent project space, Paradice Palase, in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in cities across the world, including in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Berlin, Leipzig, Milan and Belgrade. Ristić has appeared in televised and print interviews on multiple national Serbian news outlets as well as in many international digital and print art publications including Artforum. 

In her work she strives to create complexity. This is achieved through a layering that takes place on a multitude of levels. In the physical and immediate sense, it is seen by how she combines materials, both fabricated and found, in intricate ways that both celebrate their material nature and abstract them into new contexts through proximity to often disparate elements. A reoccurring example of this in Risitć’s work is the combining of the “real” and the “fake”, like mixing acrylic fur with patent leather, bones with glitter and the photograph next to its original content. Media is therefore also used as a layer. The pieces she fabricates become the subjects of still life photography, video and audio works. Through this process she is able to import demonstrably material and palpable objects into a digital sphere. By doing so a dialog is created between the virtual realm and the concrete. It also develops a creative system that generates new creations that further layer upon each other in continuum.



2021                        MFA Studio Art, New York University, Steinhardt College, New York 

2010                        BFA in Sculpture, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston



2022                        TOP COAT, Cultural Center Dorćol, Belgrade, Serbia

2019                        Behind Her Uncontaminated Front, 80WSE, New York, NY

2018                        Faux Fawning, Installation for Jenny Lemons, San Francisco, CA

2017                        Secret Garden, Installation at 24k Studios, San Francisco, CA

2017                        Icons and Idolatry, Vacation SF, San Francisco, CA

2017                         How My Garden Grows, SOMA Arts Center, San Francisco, CA

2015                        Icons and Idolatry, ATA Gallery, San Francisco, CA 

2015                        Window display for 24k Studios, San Francisco, CA 

Group Shows: 

2022                        ReA! International Art Fair, Milan, IT

2022                        Large Format Identities, Arte Gallery, Belgrade, RS

2022                        Distant/Memory, Visionary Projects, NYC/Berlin 

2022                        Echoes of the Ancient, 56 Bogart/The Border Project, Brooklyn, NY

2022                        RAZMAŠTANI DIG(ID)ENTITETI, NO CONCEPT Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia 

2022                        MÄRCHENBRUNNEN, Haus der Statistik, Berlin, Germany

2021                        Sublime G.O., Pilotenkueche, Leipzig, Germany

2021                        A.D.S., Altehandelsschule, Leipzig, Germany

2021                        Blau Verschiebung Performance Festival, Gallery Kub, Leipzig, Germany 

2021                        Youth Biennale, Pavillon des Arts Cvijeta Zuzorić, Belgrade, Serbia 

2021                        the Secret Language of Objects, Urban Studio Unbound, Yonkers, NY 

2021                        is this a bad time?, 80WSE Gallery, New York, NY 

2020                        Mess/MESS, Paradice Palase, Brooklyn, NY

2019                        Tulpamancy, 80WSE Gallery, New York, NY

2017                        Holiday Bazaaaar, 2498 Harrison Street Studios, San Francisco, CA 

2017                        Secret Garden, 24k Studios, San Francisco, CA

2016                        Breach the Surface and Sink, West Coast Craft Show, San Francisco, CA

2016                        Women Are Perfect, Galeria de la Raza, San Francisco, CA

2015                        Sexism: A Touchy Subject, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2015                        Parking Lot Art Fair, For Mason Public Parking Lot, San Francisco, CA 

2014                        Beasties, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA

2011                        Plus Minus, Brant Gallery, Boston, MA

2010                        Carry-Out Show, MEME Gallery, Cambridge, MA 

2010                        12 Inches, Duran Gallery, Boston, MA

2010                        Out of the Woods, Godine Gallery Boston, MA 

Curatorial Projects 

2020                        Mess/MESS, in partnership with Paradice Palase, Brooklyn, NY 

2016                        Breach the Surface and Sink, traveling show in partnership with: 

                                 Parking Lot Art Fair, Urban Air Market, West Coast Craft Fair & The 20th Street Block Party, San Francisco, CA

2016                        Not as Simple as It Seems, 24k Studios Presents for Of the Grid, Berkeley, CA 

2012                        Unstuck in Time: Paintings by Kristen Texiera, 24k Studios, San Francisco CA 

2012                        Heritage: flm work by Cate Giordano, 24k Studios, San Francisco CA

2013                        Hand Jobs: Collaborations of Nail Artists and Jewelers, 24k Studios, SF CA

2010                        12 Inches at Duran Gallery, Boston MA 

Selected Publications/Features 

2022                        Echoes of the Ancient, Artforum, digital, international 

2022                        Telegraf Serbia, print interview, RS

2022                        Studio B, Belgrade, Good Morning, live television interview, RS

2022                        RTS, Kultniri Dnevnik, television interview, RS

2022                        Noizz, “When everyday objects become art” digital, RS

2022                        Arte, exhibtion announcement, digital, RS

2022                        Serbija Today, exhibtion announcement, digital, RS

2022                        Looker Weekly, intervju, digitalno, RS

2021                        Les Nouveaux Riches, artist interview, International/ Vienna, AT-based, digital 

2021                        Divided Magazine, Issue 4, International, print & digital

2021                        Art Jobs, Artist of the Month, International, digital

2021                        Art + Type Magazine, Issue 1, International/New York, NY-based, print

2017                        Dwell Collective Zine feature, Issue 1 “A Woman’s Space”, Plymouth, UK 

2017                        Average Art Magazine feature, June Issue, UK

2017                        Average Art Magazine feature, May Issue, UK

2017                        SOMARTS blog feature, How My Garden Grows, San Francisco, CA

2013                        Nails Magazine, April Issue, Torrance, CA

2013                        SF Weekly, “Hand Jobs” Nail Art Show Nails It, San Francisco, CA 

Work Experience  

2020                        Professor/Instructor, Sculpture I for Non-Majors, NYU Steinhardt College, NY 

2016                        Creative Director Hungry Babes SF, San Francisco, CA

2012-18                  Co-Founder 24k Studios, San Francisco, CA



2023                        Karen Finley Scholarship for Women and Non-Binary Writers

2022                        Luxembourg Art Prize Certificate of Artistic Merit 

2021                        Luxembourg Art Prize Certificate of Artistic Merit

2021                        Artist in Residence, 3 months, Pilotenkueche International Art Program, Leipzig, DE 

2015                        Ne Timeas Art Grant Recipient

2010                        Crosby Award Honorable Mention